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Sometimes the best way to get inspired is to watch some good movies and learn from the best stories. While for some it might make more sense to read an inspiring book, others prefer to spend some hours at the cinema seeing a meaningful movie which sends all the main messages through its characters and stories.

Watching the right movie at the right time can give us some good ideas about how to handle the most challenging moments in life and how to better define our aspirations. By looking at some success stories one learns how to make wiser decisions and how far destiny can influence some developments if you let it follow its path.

Anyone who enjoys watching inspiring movies is more intelligent than most people and with every new plot, he successfully enlarges his own horizons.

Top 10 most interesting Leadership Movies

There is a long list of leadership movies worth watching and for this article, I chose the top 10 most interesting of them all.

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The Pursuit of Happiness


Kingdom of Heaven

The Thin Red Line

Apollo 13



The Million Dollar Baby

Twelve Angry Men

Hidden Figures

The Pursuit of Happiness review

This famous movie is a biographical one and presents the life of a salesman who became a stockbroker. Among the most important takeaways after watching this movie, it is worth mentioning that persistence matters, the fight for success should be a constant and any struggle will eventually lead to success.

After losing everything, Christopher Gardner starts from scratch and together with his son goes on a unique journey. After leaving a homeless shelter and taking on a free internship, Christopher uses all his motivation to make things work and succeed.

Braveheart review

This famous movie is directed by Mel Gibson and presents the life of a legendary hero, William Wallace, who fought against Edward I of England, during the First War of Scottish Independence. Willian lost his father and brother while fighting for Scotland’s freedom and is now determined to finally win its independence together with Robert the Bruce, at any cost.

The movie “Braveheart” brings into light a couple of topics, from the fight for freedom to the lack of compromise on one’s inner values, and successfully portrays the most intense emotions, from suffering to the courage to love.

Kingdom of Heaven review

The movie “Kingdom of Heaven” appeared in 2005 and presents a fictionalized portrayal of Balian of Ibelin, who goes through a journey to Jerusalem in the 12th century, during the crusades. In the search for forgiveness from God because of his wife’s suicide, he turns into a defender of Jerusalem in front of the Muslims.

Apart from the long journey, the movie is particularly inspiring for the lessons about fatherhood and mentorship and what it really means to stand by the truth regardless of the situation. It sends as well a strong message on the importance of building a basis of truth, honesty, and integrity.

The Thin Red Line review

The Thin Red Line is a story about the US forces in World War II and the needs of the individuals. Although the story is a fictional one, it successfully portrays human typologies. From Private Witt chasing happiness in his private life to Colonel Tall defined by ambition and greed, the movies successfully cover the two aspects of life.

Among the main themes covered by the movie, it is worth mentioning the search for paradise, the different typologies of people, and how they find a way to live and interact during the war. Some critics might describe its plot as rather a creation as a consequence of destruction.

Whether we do it out of curiosity or because of our own interest in leadership and how it manifests, watching a movie that touches topics such as career, war or religion will never be a waste of time and this will definitely influence our mindset.

You can use it as a starting point of discussion with your friends or as a topic to reflect on for your next goals.

How about you? Which movie would you recommend and why?

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