How do you choose the right hair dryer?

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Even though it might seem an easy choice, in reality choosing the right hair dryer for your hair is quite a challenge. We have prepared some tips based on the characteristic of your hair and also based on the best sellers in the hair industry.

Among the most relevant factors you might consider when picking a quality hair dryer, there are the following: power, weight, protection technology, and other special functions that can facilitate drying, and of course, the design and the price.

Protection technology


This is an infrared sensor that adjusts the drying temperature of the hair in such a way as to hydrate it. The smart sensor helps to permanently measure the temperature of the hair surface and to protect and hydrate the hair. The MoistureProtect temperature sensor is also measuring the degree of humidity.


Thermobalance is found in Philips dryers and provides protection against heat so that the hair stays healthy. The red LED helps to monitor the heat and avoid the formation of hot spots.

The specificity of Thermobalance is that both the hair and the scalp are monitored even 4000 times during drying. Thus your hair is being protected from excess heat.

Thermo Protect

Thermo Protect technology aims to protect the hair so that it does not overheat. In this way, the airflow and the ideal drying temperature are combined. The secret of effective drying is to neutralize the positive ions from the wet hair with the negative ones coming from the hairdryer.

As a result of this neutralization, the hair becomes more shiny, soft, and silky.

Types of hairdryers based on hair types

Women with thick hair are recommended to use an ion hair dryer, which leads to the rapid removal of water. To get rid of the electrification effect you can use the cold air in the dryer for a few seconds. You will see that in this way you will dry your hair faster and your hair will look much better.

Another option for the type of hair that needs more attention to get dried is the tourmaline hairdryer. It costs a little more than the one with ions, but it dries very quickly and it’s absolutely perfect for women who have a lot of hair.

For women with brittle hair, prone to breakage, it is recommended to avoid excessive heat and to use a dryer with ceramic elements. The best advice would be to use a dryer with adjustable speeds so that you could dry your hair at a specific constant but lower speed.

Try to keep the dryer a few inches away. The ceramic and porcelain models are very often used and can easily adapt to all hair types.

Top best hair dryers in 2022

There are dozens of hair dryer models in online stores, some more expensive, some cheaper, so choosing can be difficult. If you want to buy a good hair dryer at a decent price I invite you to find out here top best hair dryers in 2022.

Find reviews of the best and most popular hair dryers in 2022.

Where can you buy cheap hair dryers from the internet?

A good hair dryer should not be missing from any home. There are many online stores where you can buy quality professional Hair Dryers with free worldwide shipping.

The advantages over physical stores are the wide variety of products, the lower prices, and the fact that you can compare prices with each other.

What hair dryer do you use and why? What made you choose this dryer?

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