How to Buy on Amazon with Bitcoin?

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Without a doubt, Amazon is the most popular store today, the favorite place when it comes to online shopping. Whatever you want, you will definitely find on Amazon, at very advantageous prices.

Even, Amazon doesn’t accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies directly, there are sites and applications where you can buy Amazon gift cards or even buy products directly from Amazon and at a discount. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Below I will present the most popular sites or apps today, from where you can buy gift cards with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

Bitrefill Review

Bitrefill is one of the most popular websites that allows you to purchase gift cards from the most popular shopping stores with cryptocurrencies, inclusive of Bitcoin.
Has the most online stores in the platform, international or local, grouped by country, including,,,, eBay, etc

Even more, You have the option to top up prepaid mobile phones with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from anywhere in the world. It is not even necessary to create an account with Bitrefill to shop, but they provide this as an option.


The Bitrefill Trustpilot reviews are generally excellent being a trusted store and appreciated by visitors.

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