How to start a conversation with someone you like? Tips and ideas

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Making the first step towards someone you find attractive is not easy, but it can open up a new world for you. You can consider yourself lucky for having the privilege of feeling butterflies in your stomach, as nowadays it is not easy with everyone you meet.

Let’s say that you spotted an interesting person and have the curiosity to get to know him or her better. How should you act so that you don’t look ridiculous? This question has challenged even the most ingenious minds and even today it remains a mystery for the new generations.
We have prepared below some tips so that you get used to the process.

Be yourself

As you might feel extremely vulnerable in front of someone you like and who doesn’t know you too well yet, the struggle to start a conversation without looking ridiculous is a normal one. It comes with experience, but with every new crush, there is a new challenge.

Showing your emotions can put you in some embarrassing situations, but it can also open the door for a new adventure and maybe even for love. Show your charismatic side and smile!

Be polite

Even though it might seem stressful to make the first step, don’t forget that the other person doesn’t know anything at all about you and has no idea about the struggle in your head.

You might start by asking how he or she is doing and waiting for an answer. If you talk too much you will look annoying, so listen carefully to the answers and build the conversation on what you hear.

Stay positive

If the first question wasn’t the best one or the person you like is in a bad mood, maybe you can continue with the next question. You might be curious to ask about their name and whereabouts if you haven’t had the chance to find out about this before.

Comment on something nice

In case you have officially introduced it already, you can comment about the weather as this is one of the most general topics in every culture.

If you are together at a party or at work, you can also find a neutral topic that doesn’t involve you or the other one but would definitely give you both a reason to smile. Whether it is the coffee machine at work or the thematic of a party, do not hesitate to show your sense of humor and bring some joy into the atmosphere.

Ask for an opinion

If you would like to be more original, you might consider asking for an opinion regarding a holiday destination or some sports clubs. The easiest way to get closer to someone is to identify common topics and make the best out of them. By showing genuine interest in the recommendation that you will receive, the person you like will appreciate your attitude and will get also interested in your own ideas.

You can even refer to a recent event such as a festival or a sports event. It would be good to make some research before so that you bring the right topic into the conversation. It would be strange if you start commenting about a topic the other person doesn’t care about at all.

Offer help

If you identify a way to show your generous side, you can offer your help in a specific circumstance. For example, with regards to offering a drink or holding the door open. Stay original and see where the other one can identify your added value by being the right person at the right time!

Learning how to deal with your emotions and act in accordance with them is a lifelong process. Once you have accepted that you have a crush on someone and decided to give it a chance, the next challenge is to start a conversation and see where it leads. I hope these tips help you find you find the Other Half of Your Heart!

How do you start a conversation with someone you like?

What is your favorite way to start a conversation with someone? Please share it with us in the comments

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