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Needing an SEO tool I started testing the most popular tools to make the best choice. The second tool I tested is the Moz PRO tool, a very popular SEO software.

An all-in-one SEO toolset that offers almost everything you need in terms of SEO for a site, like Site audits, Rank tracking, Backlink analysis, or Keyword research.

Moz Free SEO Tools

if you didn’t know, Moz offers a suite of FREE tools such as Link Explorer, Keyword Explorer, Competitive Research, Domain Analysis, or MozBar.

They are very useful, I use them too, with the mention that they are limited to a very small number of queries.

moz free se tools

For example, I most often use Link Explorer and Keyword Explorer.

Both are limited to 10 link queries and 50 rows of data per query every month, which is very little. But if you have multiple email accounts, you can use them at the same time.

Moz Link Explorer

Moz Link Explorer is a very useful tool if you want to do link exchange and you want to get an idea about the authority of a site.

This free tool gives you access to several MOZ metrics, very popular in the SEO world.

Domain Authority

Predicts a root domain’s ranking potential relative to the domains in the Moz index. You can use this score to compare your website to rank above that of your competitors.

In short, the more links a website receives from other authoritative sites, the higher its Domain Authority will be.

The problem with DA is that it can be manipulated so that a domain has great authority but still does not rank.

Ranking Keywords

And here is a great help the Ranking Keywords metric, which indicates the number of keywords for which this site ranks within the top 50 positions on Google US or other Google indexes.

In vain the authority of the domain(DA) is high if the number of keywords it ranks is very small.

Linking Domains

Linking Domains means the number of unique external linking domains.

Two or more links from the same website are counted as one linking domain.

Also this metric is very important because a website can have very large Inbound Links, but a very small number of Linking Domains, which is not a good thing from the SEO point of view.

By combining these metrics we can get a good idea of how a site works in Google.

Link explorer example of website analysis

As in the example below where although YES is very high, 53 is very hard to get, the number of keywords it ranks is very small, which makes me think it is artificially increased.

link explorer example website analyses

As can be seen in the graphs below, the DA has grown artificially in recent months.

DA metrics over time

A good site has a steady increase in DA over time.

The site’s DA comes mainly from the Google domains. There are various ways in which you can increase your DA in this way.

moz top followed links

This is confirmed by the number of keywords that the site ranks, generally small search volumes and low difficulty.

moz ranking keywords tool example

Moz Ranking Keywords tool

With this tool, You can identify top ranking keywords for a website, but also the difficulty and Monthly Volume for keywords.

The monthly volume shows You how often a term or phrase is searched for in Google each month.

Very useful for local country sites is that in the drop-down you can also select the volume for local Google.

moz ranking keywords local

Conclusions about MOZ Link explorer tool

As you can see from the example presented, these tools from Moz are very useful when you want to get an idea of the performance of a site from the SEO point of view.

However, you don’t always have to take everything that such a tool indicates, because some webmasters block boots from such tools as Moz, in order not to let their sites be spied on and analyzed. It’s a good idea to do an extra manual check on Google.

The Moz Blog

If you are passionate about SEO I advise you to subscribe to the The Moz Blog. These are very interesting articles and the blog is updated regularly.

In fact around Moz is a whole very active SEO community.

About Moz Pro Pricing

Moz Pro has several tools but they are part of the payment plans.
There are 4 plans to choose from Standard, Medium, Large, Premium.

The cheapest package is the Standard at a cost of $ 99 / month, and the most expensive is the Premium at a cost of $ 599 / month.

In general, the allocated resources differ, therefore if You do not have a huge site you can also choose the standard package.

For example, the standard package offers 400,000 total pages Crawled/Month, while Premium allows 8 million total pages/month.

The Premium package is generally recommended for SEO agencies, good for nice reports, etc.

moz pro pricing

However, it is good to know that all plans include a 1-on-1 walkthrough and 24-hour online support.

Try Moz PRO Free

Moz is a great tool, but quite expensive. Good SEO software to help you increase traffic, rankings, and visibility in search results.

However, you can get full access to Moz Pro free for 30 days!

What’s included?

  • Access to the SEO data
  • The full suite of SEO tools to drive insights and reporting
  • Personalized walkthrough with an expert
  • 24/7 online support from help team

I’m really curious what the paid version will offer. I will try a free trial and complete this topic.

  • Free trial
  • Very good tools
  • Nice SEO community
  • Very expensive

Did you use Moz pro?

I’m curious what your opinion is about the tool? What did you find most useful?
Leave your review below.

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