Top the best health & fitness Android & iOS apps for your phone in 2022

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It is incredible how much an iPhone or Android can ease your life and how easily it can bring more entertainment into it. You can now use it in order to keep track of your health and keep yourself motivated to work out constantly while exchanging with other people and learning new exercises.

Now technology can help you monitor and improve your health. It can be an app for bodybuilding, exercise, following a diet, or just monitoring your health. All these apps come at affordable prices or even for free and have been tested by hundreds of users before.

We made a list of the top health and fitness apps for your iOS or Android, and we hope that you will choose the suitable one for you.

Adidas Running App review

This app fits perfectly for people who like to run on a daily basis and are motivated by the comparison with others. There are over 170 million people using it and its algorithms are able to map the runs and track all the distances.

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You will get a report with the time you’ve been running, what type of activities you’ve been doing and, if you like challenges, you can join in any of the available ones to boost your motivation.

Apart from a run tracker, the app has a lot of additional features, such as GPS tracking or virtual races possibilities. The best part about this app is that you don’t have to pay anything, you just need to download it and start playing sports! If you are looking for more intensive tracking options and better coaching, then you have to pay for a premium membership.

The app is available both on iOS and Android and it is a great way to stay in touch with your friends while increasing your motivation to work out.

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These are just some of the most popular fitness apps in 2022. If your favorite sports app is not on the list I invite you to post it in the comments.

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MyFitnessPal App review

MyFitnessPal is a very good app if you need a tool that keeps track of your exercises and helps you follow up on a diet. Many users are satisfied with this app because it helps them with their weight loss plans and it shows them the number of calories they are consuming.

You can even find recipes for losing weight and a wide range of foods so that you know what to look at before preparing your diet.

MyFitnessPal comes against a fixed price, but the amount paid is making it worthy. You will then have the opportunity to insert all your logs of fitness and nutritional information into this app and build healthy habits.

It has the biggest database for food available and you will have the possibility to successfully track everything on your list. The app will count everything for you as soon as you inserted the respective information.

Home Workout app Review

Home Workout is a great app for those who are looking for helpful workouts. You can easily interact with other people and monitor your progress and you will learn fast how it works. It is so easy to use that you will want to make it part of your life immediately.

The app shows workouts that can be done without any workout equipment and you can choose which parts of the body you would like to train.

Strava app Review

If you are rather motivated by socialization and competition, then Strava will be exactly what you need. It will help you keep fit and it will enable you to set goals for yourself and common targets with other users.

You can exchange with other users and can learn new exercises and workouts from them so that you feel more comfortable with your own body.

You will be motivated to participate every day and train constantly, as this will provide you with a more accurate comparison with your competitors. Strava is free of charge, but if you download the premium version and are ready to pay extra, then you will enjoy even more features.

Jefit app review

The Jefit app is one of the most popular fitness applications with a huge database of exercises that will help you improve your workouts. It allows you to plan out your workouts move-by-move, track your reps and sets, measure Your weight, body fat percentage, and many other interesting options that you can find in both the free and the paid version.

Jefit is not just an application, it is an entire sports community, where You can connect with other Jefit members for tips, feedback, or support. One of the best gym apps ever, very powerful, which you need to consider.

Polar H10 with Heart Rate Sensor review

When you do intense sports it is good to monitor your heartbeat to avoid a terrible accident.

The polar H10 heart rate sensor measures your heart rate via a chest strap and communicates the results to your phone.

Being aware of your heart rate during exercise will help you to improve your fitness by tracking your progress. The setting up for Polar H10 is quick and easy.

You just download the Polar Beat app and fill up your age, height, weight, and training background. It is not necessary to sign in or create an account. Read here the complete review of Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor.

Google Fit app review

For those of your who love to track and improve your fitness routine, the Google fit app is the right fit. You can also use it on the smartwatch and with any wearable device.

You can use it in order to set personal goals and check your own progress, while also analyzing your own statistics and seeing how much you should work to reach your own goals. Google fit is available for Android Devices and can be downloaded for free.

Other good fitness applications

Other apps which you might want to take a look at our Elevate, Apple Health, Fabulous: Daily Routine Planner, Lifesum, and Noom: Health&Weight.

What fitness app do you use?

What type of apps do you use to stay fit and maintain your level of motivation?
Is there a reason why you like one more than the other?

Let us know what drives you to download and use a specific fitness app and what type of results did you get so far. We are curious to hear about your experiences.

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