Top the Best NEW Comedy TV Series in 2021 – 2022

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As most of us have already seen the old popular comedy series, I want to find new and good series, funny titles that will make you laugh. 2021 has brought us some incredible comedy series. Below is a list of my favorite shows from the last year.

There has been a lot of new series coming on the screen. I present you below a list of the newest and funniest top 10 TV Series in 2021 – 2022 well received by the public, movies running on, (Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Hulu, Comedy Central, Disney, or Cinemax).

Best Comedy TV Series in 2021 – 2022

If your favorite comedy series from 2021/2022 is missing, I invite you to post it in the comments and propose it for our top.

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Only murders in the building (TV Series 2021 – )

Even though police comedy series generally follow the same pattern, “Only murders in the building” is the opposite. It’s a comedy series that makes you feel good, brings laughter and mystery together, even if the story is based on the discovery of a murderer.

Steve Martin, Martin Short are both nominated for Golden Globes for roles, while the series is nominated for Best Comedy Series.

Three neighbors in the block, passionate about a crime podcast, wake up to a mysterious story when someone dies right in their building. Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez decided to find out the killer and, at the same time, tell the story in its own podcast.

A series that In addition to humor and good cheer, will transport you into the magical atmosphere of New York. With 5 wins and 29 nominations until now and a very good IMDB rating, “Only murders in the building” is a new comedy series that you should not miss. You can watch it on Hulu Right Now!

Resident Alien TV Series (2021 – )

Based on a comic book series with the same name, Resident Alien is a very enjoyable comedy for SF fans, but not only! It’s a little different from the series that have been made lately.

An alien with the mission to wipe out the human race crashed his ship on Earth. The alien Alan Tudyk (Harry Vanderspeigle) kills a local doctor and steals his identity in an attempt to integrate into the population of a small mountain town in Colorado.

A very funny and entertaining TV series, especially for teenagers.

The Great North (TV Series 2021 – )

This animated sitcom was created for the Fox Broadcasting Company and had its premiere on January 3rd, 2021 already. Among the stars acting, there are worth mentioning Nick Offerman, Jenny Slate, Will Forte, and Alanis Morissette.

The sitcom has already three seasons ready to be broadcasted as of this year. The story is about a single father, whose life is centered on raising his four kids. Even though he exaggerates sometimes, his deep love for his family is the main point of the sitcom.

Mr. Mayor (TV Series 2021 – )

Ted Danson, the winner as the Best Actor in a Broadcast Comedy Series, shows once again that he is a veteran of TV and deserves the big star on his name in the world of theater. The story is about a businessman with no political skills who jump in and get elected mayor of Los Angeles.

A comedy especially for adults and seniors, with quality humor, which I gladly recommend.

Rutherford Falls (TV Series 2021 – )

This American sitcom television series premiered in April 2021, on Peacock. The series is about two friends, the actor’s Ed Helms (Nathan) and Jana Schmieding (Reagan). One day the mayor decides to move a statue of Nathan’s ancestor, causing Reagan to decide between her friendship and the people of Minishonka Nation.

The parallel between Ed Helms’ hard feelings and Jana’s loyalty creates a lot of humor, as none of them is willing to make a compromise.

Ghosts (TV Series 2021 – )

It’s different from anything else on TV these days and it even makes you laugh, something that not many sitcoms or comedy shows have done lately. A comedy series that you can watch with your family and it will definitely make you feel good.

I found this TV series very funny and original. Lots of fun quirky characters and I laughed out loud with my family, which I rarely do.

Starstruck (TV Series 2021 – )

How I Met Your Father (TV Series 2022 – )

Another great Hulu comedy series. Starring Sophie (Hilary Duff) tells her son how he met his father. It wants a comedy in the mirror after the famous series How I Met Your Mother TV series, which I can say I liked more, where the actors play more naturally and the humor is better. The series has a special charm, hard to match.

Kevin Can F**k Himself (TV Series 2021 – )

Kevin Can Fk Himself, is an American dark comedy series created by Valerie Armstrong, a series that paints the reality of today. The series presents the story of Allison McRoberts (Murphy), the prototypical Sitcom Wife, a woman we all grew up believing we knew.

Best Comedy TV Series of all time

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How about you? Which is your favorite TV Series in 2022? Tell me more about it!

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