Why use an eBook? Top advantages of eBooks over printed books

The debate print versus digital is an ongoing topic, even though every month we are embracing digitalization at a deeper level.

Although there are still many people who prefer to feel the touch of the paper, ebooks are getting more and more popular and in many cases are a comfortable way to have access to a wide range of titles within seconds.

Top advantages of ebooks

There are a couple of advantages that put ebooks in a better light than printed books or any type of traditional printed articles and they are listed below.

Instant access and easy to carry

Whereas in the past you had to walk to a library in order to get a heavy book of 500 pages and only afterward you could enjoy reading it at home or just within the walls of the library, nowadays you can easily purchase any title and download it on your device, no matter how far away the printed book might be.

No fees for being late

Once you have bought your favorite ebook, you don’t have to worry about having to return it in time or being fined because you have forgotten about it. The licenses will expire once the time you have paid for is over, as there are no fees for digital loans.

Built-in Dictionaries

The added value of an ebook is that if you encounter a word that you don’t understand, you can access the built-in dictionary and get its meaning without having to open a new webpage and interrupt your reading experience.


Less space

If you are going on a trip and would love to have your favorite novel in your piece of luggage, then an ebook will help you save space while providing you with valuable content during the flight or the train trip. It is definitely light weighted and you can download as many titles as you want.

Fonts can be customized

If you prefer reading with a specific font, the ebook gives you the chance to change the font of the text, so that the reading experience gets even more interesting.

More environmentally friendly

Last but not least, by replacing traditional print media with digital ones you can protect the environment. Even the manufacture of a normal ebook creates as many CO2 emissions as the printing of 30 books and on average ebook readers read more than 30 books.

The best eReaders in 2021

Wondering which are the most popular ebooks in 2021? Discover here the best ebooks that will definitely make your reading more enjoyable.

Do you use an ebook for reading?

If “YES”, tell us why and what are its pluses?


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