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As much as we might deny it, we spent already a lot of hours in front of the TV watching our favorite TV Series (Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Hulu, Comedy Central, Disney, or Cinemax) and during the pandemic, there was hardly any escape from it. We shared these episodes with our families, partners, or best friends and they remain a nice memory of the quarantine.

Even now, when things are getting better, watching your favorite TV series on the sofa, right after finishing your day at work, might be a relaxing way to switch off and transit from your professional mood to your personal one.

Best Comedy TV Series of all time

I have prepared a list of the top 10 TV Series of all time that resisted throughout the years and are still loved by many generations. However, if you want to see the top of the latest comedies, the latest news from 2022 I invite you to read here Top the Best NEW Comedy TV Series in 2022

The Funniest TV Shows to Watch that will make you feel happy and bring you much-needed laughter.

Modern Family TV Series (2009-2020)

Filled with eclectic characters, Modern Family started in 2009 and was applauded by the topics and new trends covered: second marriages, gay relationships, large age gaps between partners, which completely challenge the traditional family ideal.

The show received 22 Emmy Awards and six Writers Guild of America Awards. I chose this series as my number one because it tried to educate the audience with regards to the new trends and during eleven seasons, the three families managed to show three different pictures of society in the 21st century.

Seinfeld (TV Series 1989–1998)

Seinfeld I think is the comedy series that I’ve seen 2-3 times and every time I was funny and I was in a good mood. An original series about everyday life, in which George, Newman, or Elaine play an amazing role.

Each episode will bring you the good mood you need to relax after a hard day’s work. In conclusion, if you are one of the few who has not seen Sienfield so far, you should not miss it. I recently watched it again on Netflix.

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Vote your favorite comedy TV series

When it comes to favorite TV shows, everyone has their favorites. Therefore I am curious which is your favorite comedy series and I invite you to vote for it at the top below.

Is your favorite comedy series missing? Tell me in the comments.

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How I Met Your Mother TV series

This sitcom has nine seasons and started in 2005, up to 2014. It is a mixture of humor and romance and the story is about Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) and his friends in Manhattan, as they were in their 20s, dealing with life. As the title says, the characters happen to be in the year 2030 and are looking back in time, when Ted met the mother of his children (Luke and Penny).

The TV series is inspired by the friendship of its producers and managed to keep its audience for a long term entertained, thanks to its combination of humor and drama. This is also what convinced me to put this show already in the 2nd position, as it is inspired by real life and helps us make fun of any emotional challenge.

The Simpsons TV series

Starting in 1989, The Simpsons was the longest-running animated show in the USA and it was further promoted through comic books, video games, and toys. The main actors were even paid $400,000 per episode, which demonstrates how successful this Fox production was. I liked it for its sarcastic nature and the resemblances which we saw in the last years with Donald Trump becoming the president of the USA.

As an advantage of this series, I would mention its successful focus on American life and the parody created regarding its culture and society. The dysfunctional family managed to keep the audience for 706 episodes entertained and it already won a lot of awards.

The Big Bang Theory TV series

Even though I was reluctant at first and skipped the series many times, once I entered Sheldon Cooper’s world I was so captivated that I saw the series breathlessly.

A world of friendship, with intelligent and charismatic characters, tasteful jokes, a series that will surely bring you a willing atmosphere. I think we all long for real friends and an evening of board games with friends can be unforgettable. Find here The best board games to play with your loved ones.

Friends TV series

Community TV Series (2009–2015)

Personally, my high school and college years were the most beautiful. You have the charm of youth, you look at life in pink. A suspended lawyer is forced to enroll in a community college with an eccentric staff Dean Pelton and some “crazy” colleagues each unique in their own way.

Jim Rash as Dean Pelton I think plays the best role in the series, in my opinion. It plays amazingly, so natural. You can’t love this series!

With a lot of humor present and of good quality, this series made me relive the nostalgia of my youth, I almost feel like enrolling in college again after watching this series.

The Office (U.S) TV series

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver TV series

Two and a Half Men TV series

M*A*S*H (TV Series 1972–1983)

New Girl TV series

Silicon Valley series

How about you? Which is your favorite TV Series? Tell me more about it!

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